Monday, November 29, 2010


Bolt Bridge, Ontario 2009. This was taken during an extended frost in the area that allowed me the time to travel around during an entire afternoon and find crisp frosty trees like these ones.

Winter always in the past has brought a meager halt to my photography. As I would look outside all I would see is gray. Gray cloudless skies and dull snow banks piled with dirt from cars. Sad people wandering around and a sun that set much to early for my likings.
However, it feels different this year. Perhaps my photographic vision has finally matured a little and now winter looks different. Where I once saw gray I know see deep shades of blue and wisps of white. I see the sun blazing through the clouds like a spot light, showing off barns and fences and groves. Making a showcase of a gray land that is lit for moments at a time and then lost again, like God's highlight show of the season.
And I, a spectator. Learning to be quicker on the draw.

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