Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freestyle Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph my friends family who is a fun and active bunch. Because they have small children it was easier to take the shots in their backyard.
These are a couple good shots mixed in with a few blooper shots. More good shots will be one the way but these were pretty comical that I had to share.
The husband wanted to make a unique pose from Star Wars. His wife is of the same sense of humor. A great bunch.

a blooper pic that is just cute.

i love this angle and how their kids were running around. It was funny because the kids had no intention of joining their parents but made for fun shots. This is a "blooper pic" but we got some good ones that didn't include the ladder I was on.
Over all I really enjoyed this shoot. We did get a couple good family shots in the end of it all. I don't know if I'd do this freestyle of photography with kids again as much as try to think up some games that would coral them into a smaller area. Great experience though. More photos later on to come.

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